Sabtu, 24 November 2012

Kitchen Equipment

The quality of kitchen equipment often speaks volumes about the commitment of the restaurant to their customers. They can even complement the food in a nice and enticing way. Most people are very sensitive about even the cutlery used while serving the food.

The term restaurant supplies cover a vast group of cooking and serving related products. They can include bar ware, table articles, cooking equipment and bakeware, refrigerators, cutlery sets etc.

Kitchen articles are exclusive items used in the kitchen like pans, broilers, cheesemelters, griddles, hotplates, ovens, cooking ranges, roaster, spreader pans, steamers, toasters etc. No restaurant worth its salt can function without any of these in sufficient quantities. All these articles come in different sizes and capabilities.

Refrigerators are inseparable to any kitchen, be it of a restaurant or home. Refrigerating units include blast chillers, display cases, deep freezers, countertops and walk in boxes. They help the staff to keep large quantities of perishable raw ingredients as well as finished food items in storage for longer periods.

Small kitchen equipment like cutting boards, dish boxes, mixing bowls, pizza servers, utility pails and pans, steam table ware, French fry baggers etc increases the convenience of the restaurant staff and helps them to serve faster.

The style of serving also act as an important factor that beckons a customer again and again to a restaurant. The table top supplies like ashtrays, coasters, decanters, drinkware, dinnerware, china, bread boards and bottles, holder and jars, menu holders, different bowls for sugar and the like, shakers etc should be of supreme quality. They should have a dramatic visual effect too.

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