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Supplies You Need to Run Your Bar

If you are stocking up a professional bar, congratulations! Running a bar can be fun and exciting way to let your creativity shine. It also can be a whole lot of work. Being prepared with the right supplies and equipment is absolutely critical in running a smooth operation. You must be sure that your bartenders have everything they need to give your customers everything that they want. Here is a basic description of the materials every bar will need to to help you get started.

Organizational Supplies

Bars can be rather sticky places, which (unfortunately) is very attractive to unwanted pests. Keeping things clean is critical to deter insects and other pests, and a well-organized bar is the easiest kind to keep clean. Things like condiment dispensers, cap-catchers, bar caddies, wire glass hangers, and speed rails will all help your operation run both more quickly and more neatly. Basically, just make sure that everything has a proper place it should be put, from discarded caps, frequently used bottles, to drink garnishes.

Serving Supplies

Presentation is everything in a professional bar, so you will want your bartenders to be preparing and serving drinks in a way that is both stylish and attractive. Nice measuring supplies, glass rimmers, strainers, pour bottles, and cocktail shakers are all critical. Remember to have nice wine buckets as well for serving chilled wine. A nice rule to follow is that any time liquid needs to be transferred, a specific tool should be involved in each step, for the most appealing presentation possible.


A variety of tools will be necessary for many small tasks that should not be forgotten. You should definitely have some good ice picks and ice chippers on hand so that ice can always be made quickly available for drinks. Extra ice scoops are also critical, as scooping ice with a glass in simply not acceptable. Bottles and can openers should be in copious supply, for obvious reasons. Some more forgettable but equally important items are bar spoons and bar tongs for any stirring or grabbing that will need to be done.


There are a few items that don't necessarily fit into a neat category, but are still quite important to include on your list. Bar mats will keep your counters neat and provide a stable surface, non-slippery on which to rest your supplies. Liners also provide critically non slippery surfaces on which to arrange your glasses. This also provides a nice looking layer of separation between glasses and surface that may appear less than spotless at certain points if not properly covered.

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